The Journey Begins


It’s okay to speak up for yourself, be assertive and refuse disrespect. It doesn’t make you a bitch. It makes you someone who is setting healthy boundaries.

– Karen Salmansohn

This beautiful Sunday morning marks the start of me sharing my personal journey. This morning I woke up determined to make good of a bad situation.  I hope this will help others who are currently navigating a bad situation with a narcissist like I am or looking to free themselves of the abuse. My main goal and mission is to make people in similar situations realize a few key things:

  • You are NOT alone
  • You are NOT crazy
  • You WILL survive
  • There is nothing wrong with loving yourself enough to leave a toxic person
  • Life CAN and WILL get better
  • If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for your child(ren)

To share a bit of my own personal journey, allow me to share my current situation and as we move forward together, I will continue to update as the situation progresses. I am 4 months separated from the narcissist, we were married for 4.5 years, and share one beautiful daughter together. I did not understand what he was until about 2 months ago, and since then a wave of craziness has ensued (more on that later) and I also discovered an amazing online community through YouTube that helped me learn so much and I am eternally grateful. I decided to pay it forward as most of us suffering from the abuse of these manipulative and controlling people do not understand what we are up against.

I understand everyone’s situation is different, but the scary thing is most people with narcissistic personality disorder have eerily similar behavioural patterns that over time tend to predictably irrational. They tend to all behave and act the same way. As I poured through every bit of information I could find, it was insane how much other abuse victims situations mirrored mine in the way their abuser treated them throughout the relationship, and what happened once the narcissist decided they had no more use for you and made it their life mission to destroy you even though at one point they claimed you were the love of their life or soulmate. The earlier you can escape the better. If you are reading this now because you are googling your partner’s behavior, it is NOT normal. Make an exit strategy. Do your research. Then RUN. 

This is a bit heavier for a first post than I had envisioned, but I feel it is my duty to warn anyone. This is not your typical narcissist abuse blog, I am also very much passionate about finances, as I think that will give people the freedom to make better life choices. I will also be sharing my tips and advice on how to rebuild your life because if you are married or have children, this can be absolutely devastating to your finances as most narcissists will also use money against you whether you were the breadwinner or not.

Wishing you all a blessed day,


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